• Question: which challenges did you face while studying science at high school science and how did you get about.

    Asked by area19fan to Linda, Joshua, Jared, Bibian on 17 May 2022.
    • Photo: Bibian Robert

      Bibian Robert answered on 17 May 2022:

      There are some concepts that I didn’t understand. I overcame this by joining a discussion group, that way, I got to exchange ideas with other students and could find other students that were really good at what I was struggling with and vice versa, so discussions can be helpful.

    • Photo: Jared Maina

      Jared Maina answered on 18 May 2022:

      I had problems with chemistry early on in high school. Chemical equations, their rules and the formulas in calculating concentrations etc. My attitude towards chemistry was also not good, I thought it was too difficult. What really helped me was putting it some extra effort in understanding the basics of these concepts, and working in groups to help each other. A group could be formed by at least 2 people. Also trying out exercises in text books helps. You could also try online exercises.

    • Photo: Linda Kokwaro

      Linda Kokwaro answered on 18 May 2022:

      I struggled with understanding some concepts in physics particularly. I sought out the help of my teacher and used to do additional exercises outside of homework to practice more. In addition, I formed a study group with friends who were doing well in Physics to be able to understand how they explained concepts. This really helped improve my understanding and the consistency of practice and exposure to different physics questions led to me enjoying physics in the end. So it wasn’t that it was difficult, I just needed to get over the mental block that physics was difficult and find tools and ask for help to improve my grades