• Question: What are the key things in an acknowledgement of a project of computer studies form four

    Asked by game19shy to Linda on 19 May 2022.
    • Photo: Linda Kokwaro

      Linda Kokwaro answered on 19 May 2022:

      I can answer this from the perspective of writing acknowledgements in other fields that are not CS, hopefully this helps. In the acknowledgment section, I usually will list down people, facilities, funding that has been helpful and integral to the success of the completed project. People can be your teachers, lab technicians, classmates and even family that may have assisted you. Facilities can be computer labs of the school. A sample would be:
      I would first like to acknowledge all those who were integral to the success of this project. First, I would like to thank the head of the CS department, (insert name) and/or my teacher (insert name) for the guidance and support they offered me throughout the course of my project. Mention something specific that they helped you with , be it understanding a concept, writing, editing. (Acknowledge the comps lab and school) Then you can then write one line about how the project contributes to advancement of current research in CS and finally acknowledge your family and friends