• Question: which study methods did you use to study in order to enhance understanding

    Asked by Bahari girls to Linda on 18 May 2022.
    • Photo: Linda Kokwaro

      Linda Kokwaro answered on 18 May 2022:

      I think what has helped me is to identify that I’m an audiovisual learner, which means hearing and seeing the material is very important in order for me to retain the information. Hence, it starts with paying attention when I first encounter material, particularly in class. I also took notes or drew diagrams at that point. Thereafter, flashcards were important to retrain the information I learnt, over a period of days. I would actively speak out the information to enhance retention by hearing and draw diagrams again to enhance muscle memory. Repetition of the material helped to be able to recall as well as periods of rest in between to allow the information to go into long term storage. I found that it was easier to practice repetitively over time than bulk cramming to avoid stress.